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Missing Fate, Texas child found due to quick Action by Northeast Texas Child Abduction Response Team

by Front Porch Rockwall



On January 3, 2021, at approximately 11:26 PM Rockwall County dispatchers received an urgent call from a parent that her 12-year-old son was missing. The mother was awakened by the garage door being closed at 11:20 PM and quickly found him missing. The son had left a written message stating why he was leaving. The only details provided were that the child was 5′ tall and wearing a hoodie.

The City of Fate Department of Public Safety (DPS) Officers quickly responded and realized that more resources were required to search and recover the child. At 11:54 PM, Lt. Victor Aragon called the Northeast Texas Child Abduction Response Team (CART), provided key details of the missing child, and requested additional support to locate the child. CART in turn called its vetted and trained missing person support team,

EastTex Regional CERT

and requested searchers.

The protocol for responding searchers is to keep an eye out for the missing person or vehicle while in route to a staging location. In this case, a local CERT member, Mike Ross of Fate, notified CART at 12:26 AM that a young male child is at a filling station carrying a backpack and wearing a hoodie. CART notified Fate DPS of the possible sighting and officers were deployed to the location while the child was detained.
Fate DPS at 12:31 AM, 1.1 miles from his home recovered the child, 71 minutes after reported missing. A quick call to 911 by the mother, fast response by Fate DPS, a swift request of CART support, a local CERT member responding and keeping their eyes open resulted in a prompt recovery.
The average call to 911 when a child, teen, or adult goes missing is 3 to 4 hours. In 3 to 4 hours the missing person can be miles away or in the next state. A child of any age, and even adults, are highly likely to become involved with human traffickers, as the traffickers look for the lone child.

This response by Fate DPS, CART, and CERT points to the fact that a parent or caregiver by quickly calling 911 to report a missing family member can result in recovery in a short time. Residents are advised to call close friends or relatives of the missing and perform a search of the last place seen. They should not wait, call 911, and report a confirmed missing family member.

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