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Jones Elementary Celebrates Digital Citizenship Week

by Front Porch Rockwall



Jones recently celebrated Digital Citizenship Week with Ms. Loya, the library media specialist, presenting lessons in the Kinder-3rd grade classes.  These lessons aimed to teach students how to take ownership of their actions when using various types of technology. Students learned about being respectful and responsible online.

In Kindergarten, students learned about pausing for people. Students discussed why it’s important to take a break from technology and interact with people who are trying to talk to them. They also practiced strategies to help them calmly get off technology when asked, even if they didn’t want to. Instead of feeling frustrated, the Kindergarteners learned to pause, breathe, and finish up.

First graders learned how to pause and think when online. They discussed how they can balance their time, determine what is true or untrue online, stay away from sites they shouldn’t be on, and to be kind to others online. Ms. Loya created a fake website about “tree sharks” with the class to demonstrate that anyone can easily post false information on the internet and make it look real.

Second graders took the “digital citizen pledge” and discussed how to be responsible online. Students discussed instances where they had to make good choices online or when they had to follow their parents’ parameters while online. They also learned how important it is to not share personal information, usernames or passwords online.

Third graders learned about the “Rings of Responsibilities.” These rings include yourself, your community and your world. While completing the activity, the students learned how the different things they do online can impact not only themselves, but friends and even strangers as well.

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