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Pullen Elementary Makes their Mark on International Dot Day

by Front Porch Rockwall



Under the direction of art teacher, Amy Efeney, Pullen Elementary students recently participated in International Dot Day, which ties into the district SEL goals.  Students embraced the celebration and took great joy in placing their dots in the hallways.  Mrs. Efeney shared a reading of “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds and students were given two brightly colored paper plates to hang up anywhere in the hallway.  The creativity and learning continued as students created their dot art and reflected on how they make or will make their mark.

Kindergarten students put dot stickers on colored paper plates, wrote “Dot Day” on their work and talked about how signing something makes it YOURS and makes it SPECIAL.  First and second graders colored dots with markers on coffee filters and Mrs. Efeney sprayed them to “make them splatter” (The Dot Song, Peter Reynolds).  Third and fourth grade wrote about how they make their mark in the world and decorated watercolor paper with marker dots, circles, spirals, etc.  Some students had their projects sprayed while others chose not to.  Fifth graders talked about how they will make their mark in the world and how they are examples in our school for the younger students.  They colored circular optical illusion papers.   The sixth grade students designed Dot Day bisque ware plates or bowls, which were fired later.

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