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Royse City Swears in a New Police CID Lieutenant and a New Fire Investigator

by Front Porch Rockwall



From Royse City PD:

Royse City sworn in two new peace officers. One for the Police Department and one for the Fire Department. Both men, Ray Fitzwater and Douglas Waters II, will bring a great amount of experience and knowledge to Royse City.
Douglas Waters II. (Deuce) was sworn in as a Fire Investigator for the Royse City Fire Department. Inv. Deuce Waters has 10 years’ experience as a police officer. He previously worked for the Rockwall Police Department before moving to South Carolina in 2015. Deuce and his family moved by to the area in May, 2020 an was hired by the Royse City Fire Department as a Code Officer and today was sworn in as a Fire Investigator.
Ray Fitzwater was sworn in as the new Criminal Investigation Division Lieutenant for the Royse City Police Department. Lt. Fitzwater comes to us with 27 years of experience from the Rockwall Police Department. Lt. Fitzwater started his career in 1993 and has been assigned as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Traffic Officer (Motor Jock), Accident Reconstructionist, Patrol Sergeant, CID Sergeant and currently serves as a Patrol Lieutenant. Lt. Fitzwater has 8 years of experience supervising the Criminal Investigation Division.
Both Lt. Ray Fitzwater and Inv. Deuce Waters are highly respected by the public safety community in and around Rockwall County.

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