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City of Heath Launches Heroes Wear Masks Campaign

by Front Porch Rockwall



As the global COVID-19 pandemic became local in March, the Heath City Council and Heath Economic Development Corporation (HEDC)/Heath Municipal Benefits Corporation (HMBC) moved swiftly to bring aid to Heath businesses with a stimulus program that tapped up to $500,000 of the HMBC fund to provide monetary relief.

During Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the program, well over $350,000 has already been provided in the form of forgivable loans to businesses within the City of Heath that are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly restaurants, salons and health care providers.

Now, the focus is expanding to help get customers safely back to supporting Heath businesses with a Heath Heroes Wear Masks Campaign.  This is in addition to marketing support efforts that include the City’s Business of the Day social media campaign and print advertising in the City’s newsletter and local publications.

“This Mask Campaign is to get all Heath citizens to become Heroes by supporting our businesses’ requirements of customers to wear masks so that all customers feel safe,” said HEDC/HMBC President David Lane. “This is a requirement, but it’s time for Heath citizens to take the lead and make sure everyone complies with this mandate and prop up our local businesses.  We feel like this is an active way for all of us to be local Heroes in which we can provide support, and get the message going viral via our Heroes along with the City’s communication and marketing resources.”

In addition to providing businesses with Heath Heroes Wear Masks posters, the HEDC/HMBC is providing each “high touch” business with a supply of Heath-branded masks next week to provide free-of-charge to customers who need a mask. The masks can also be purchased online now at https://shopallsportsusa.com/collections/city-of-heath/products/city-of-heath-mask for $12 each or $20 for two.

“Our businesses can trust that we will remain their partner through the Stimulus Program well into the future,” said Heath Mayor Kelson Elam. “Our goal is to now increase their customer base so that they can prosper into a new way of doing business within these dynamic and unprecedented times.”

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