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Rockwall County Reports 30 New Cases of COVID-19

by Front Porch Rockwall



Rockwall County Office of Emergency Management received 27 additional confirmed cases from Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and 3 additional confirmed cases from the Rowlett Health Department yesterday.

21 of the cases are in the City of Rockwall. 1 case is in the City of Fate. 2 cases are in Royse City. 2 cases are in Heath. 1 case is in McLendon-Chisholm. 3 cases are in Rowlett. 2 people are between 10 & 20. 8 people are in their 20’s. 3 people are in their 30’s. 7 people are in their 40’s. 4 people are in their 50’s. 2 people are in their 60’s. 3 people are in their 70’s and 1 person is in their 80’s. We have added these cases to the graphic.

RCOEM has spent several days working with DSHS and the Rockwall County geographic information system (GIS) department to further validate all of the information they are now receiving from DSHS. The updated graphic now shows the most accurate number of cases throughout Rockwall County. The short version of how the totals in the graphic were derived follows.
1) DSHS Region 2/3 provides RCOEM with all of the information they have regarding Rockwall County cases.
2) RCOEM removed duplicate cases from the data.
3) GIS removed cases that were outside Rockwall County from the data.
4) GIS corrected cases that DSHS incorrectly reported in the wrong city.
5) Countless hours from multiple departments = the best data we have to date.

RCOEM has reported the errors to DSHS to further refine the reporting process and data for the entire region. Moving forward, RCOEM should continue receiving data from DSHS. We hope that it does not require the level of validation necessary to provide accurate information as it has in the past. More accurate data will allow RCOEM to publish more timely information to benefit everyone in Rockwall County.

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