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Rockwall Police Department Launches Online Crime Reporting Platform

by Front Porch Rockwall



The Rockwall Police Department has launched an additional platform to make it more convenient for citizens to make a police report. Citizens can now access our online reporting form, to report crimes not requiring a conventional police response, at the Rockwall Police Department’s website www.rockwallpolice.org.

This mechanism allows reporting of certain non-emergency, not-in-progress offenses, which have no known suspects or evidence beyond surveillance videos or still shots that might lead to the identification of a suspect. Examples of appropriate online police reports include: Fraud (Identity Theft, Forgery, Credit/Debit Card Abuse), Harassing phone calls, Burglary Motor Vehicle, Theft, Vandalism, Lost Property. Reporting Parties can also upload electronic files associated with their report directly into the online reporting platform.

Upon submission, citizens will receive an email confirmation of submission to include a reference number. Copies of online reports will be available for request within 72 hours.

Rockwall PD said, “Our goal is for citizens to have a quicker and more efficient way of reporting crimes; however, we encourage anyone who believes their report would be better served with an officer response to call the police department for assistance.”

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