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Rockwall Mayor and Rockwall State Representative Argue Online Over State’s Denial of Property Tax Freeze Request

by Front Porch Rockwall


Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt(left) and State Representative Justin Holland(right)


State Representative Justin Holland released a statement yesterday addressing Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt’s comments about adopting the 2019 property tax valuations for the year 2020. Holland called Pruitt’s comments “misleading” and “patently false”.

Earlier in April, Pruitt and other Rockwall County mayors issued a joint statement requesting the state allow them to not increase property tax valuations in 2020.

In a YouTube video on April 20th, Pruitt stated that Governor Abbott didn’t accept their request to freeze the tax values and that, “We didn’t have support from our county leaders, we didn’t have support from our state representative and our state senator.”

Holland said in his statement on his Facebook page yesterday that, “Your claim that I did not inquire, support or advocate with the Governor’s office regarding your request to adopt 2019 property values in 2020 is patently false. I, like everyone, would have been very supportive of a 2019 value freeze if I knew that it was possible. I did, in fact, make an inquiry to the Governor’s office at your request on March 28th and for the benefit of our shared Rockwall County constituents.”

Holland continued later in his statement, “Rockwall needs your help Mayor. Now is not the time to score cheap political points. Our community is hurting, businesses are in shambles, and the economy will take some time to recover. You have the power as Mayor of the City of Rockwall to make sure that your 2020 adopted tax rate, in consideration of the recently noticed values, is reduced to reflect NO NEW TAXES.”(You can see the full Facebook post from Holland below)

Mayor Pruitt countered Holland’s statements in the comments of Holland’s Facebook post, “Justin you know we have not raised city taxes in the City of Rockwall for the last 6 years so your asking us to adopt the ‘no new tax rate’ is nothing new to us. That is exactly what we have done. I don’t know how many calls your office has received about tax appraisals this week, but we have had many. I understand the law and the constitution of this state and you know as well as I do the Governor has suspended many constitution freedoms we have because of this crisis. Enacting one more to stop these ridiculous property appraisals seems a small one in the scheme of things.”


Below is a letter I sent to Jim Pruitt, Rockwall Mayor addressing his comments on April 20th regarding property taxes in Rockwall.

Posted by State Representative Justin Holland on Thursday, April 23, 2020

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