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YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Texas faces wildfire danger

by Front Porch Rockwall



One of the wettest springs on record in 2019 kept farmers out of the fields. Crops were planted late. Harvest was hindered. Then, the rains stopped. Completely.

Once soggy ground is now brick hard. Brush and grass grew in abundance in the spring. Now it’s dry and plentiful. Perfect fuel for wildfires.

Governor Abbott has issued this year’s first drought disaster declaration in some South Texas counties.

Parts of the Lone Star State are ready to explode in flames. It won’t take much. One careless fire. One match. Or cigarette thrown from a car window. All can spark a wildfire, endangering land, livestock, wildlife, homes and lives.

Hundreds of Texas homes and thousands of acres have been destroyed over the years, wiped out by wildfires. It’s a burning reminder of how damaging neglect can be.

And the rest of the summer forecast? Dry with a high danger of fire and lots of prayers for rain.


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