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YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: FM roads mean ‘Farm-to-Market’

by Front Porch Rockwall



What is a farm-to-market road? Just what it says—a means to get the product of Texas farms to market.

It’s a road system that was developed to help “get Texas farmers out of the mud.”

That was the campaign slogan in the fifties, to gain support for farm-to-market roads that connect Texas farms directly to highways and other cities.

Decades ago, those roads were built to do what their name implies—bring goods from the farm to market. And they still do that today.

It was, and still is, a way for farmers to move their equipment to and from fields. It’s also a way to move fertilizer, fuel, seed and more from manufacturers or retailers to the farm.

If you travel them, you’ll likely meet a farmer or rancher driving large farm equipment or hauling trailers. When that happens, be patient. Slow down and give them some space. They’re driving those roads to help bring food from the fields to our tables.


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