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YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Converting plants into beef

by Front Porch Rockwall



Many dollars are spent to create a product similar to beef from vegetables and plant-based material. According a satirical story in the Babylon Bee, there’s an even more efficient and revolutionary method out there to do the same.

This technology is called cows, and it turns out there’s nothing new about it. You can do it with vegetables, sure, but even more importantly, with stuff people can’t digest, like grass.

I’ve written about the new plant-based protein technologies. I’ve sampled them, and they are not terrible. But by comparison? I’ll leave that alone. Test it yourself.

With the cow technology, you can have a medium rib-eye with that succulent pink center without the time and expense of simulating it with beet juice. Talk about efficiency!

Cows—factories for tuning vegetables and grass into a beef product. What will they think of next?


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