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Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office, Police Departments All Partner with OffenderWatch, Nation’s Leading Sex Offender Registry Network

by Front Porch Rockwall



Six law enforcement agencies in Rockwall County have all joined a sex offender registry network called OffenderWatch, the nation’s leading sex offender registry management and community notification technology solution. With more than 900,000 registered sex offenders in the United States, and about 155 registered sex offenders living in Rockwall County, law enforcement now has access to the OffenderWatch network of sex offender registries to better manage registered sex offenders, share information for investigations, and easily communicate with agencies around the country. The Rockwall Sheriff’s Office, Rockwall Police Department, Heath Dept. of Public Safety, Royce Police Department, Rowlett Police Department, and Fate City Dept. of Public Safety have all selected the same technology to collaboratively manage, track and investigate registered sex offenders.

“It is my opinion that this is another example of the law enforcement agencies in Rockwall County working together in the implementation of a program that will benefit the citizens of Rockwall County from a public safety perspective.” Sheriff Harold Eavenson

Through the partnership, the Rockwall agencies and OffenderWatch share online resources to educate and inform the public on ways to keep neighborhoods safe. One purpose of the sex offender monitoring and notification program is to provide Rockwall residents with real-time website updates when an offender registers in the jurisdiction and proactive email alerts if the registered offender moves within a specified radius of their address. The service is available at no cost to the public with confidential and unlimited address registrations—home, school, work, gym, day care, park, or any address of interest.

Sign up for emails when sex offenders move into your neighborhood from the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office here:
• Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office: http://www.communitynotification.com/cap_main.php…

“Joining the OffenderWatch national network of sex offender registries benefits not only residents of Rockwall County, but also bordering cities, counties and states because law enforcement can share critical investigative information on registered offenders,” said Mike Cormaci, president and co-founder of OffenderWatch. “We look forward to a long-term partnership in public safety for this top agency and growing our presence in Texas.”

About OffenderWatch
There are more than 900,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. Many states have different systems for tracking these offenders, making it difficult for agencies to update records when the offenders cross state lines. The OffenderWatch Network is the largest sex offender registry system in the U.S., working with more than 3,000 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in 37 states. Founded in 2000 in Covington, La. under the Watch Systems company, OffenderWatch has expanded to include data on registered sex offenders from sheriffs’ offices, police departments, Attorney Generals’
offices, U.S. Marshal judicial districts, U.S. attorneys, federal and state probation and parole agents, department of corrections, Indian tribes, and more. OffenderWatch partnered with Canada in spring 2018 to enhance the Canadian National Sex Offender Registry. Learn more at OffenderWatch.com.


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