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Rockwall Chamber Dives into Local History

by Front Porch Rockwall



(Rockwall, Tx) -Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce is inviting all chamber partners to participate in the newest Bright Ideas Series event. On March 27, at noon, they will be exploring the incredible history of Rockwall. 

Originally occupied by the Caddo Indians, Rockwall County is actually the smallest county in Texas. 

“In the early 1850s, farmers were digging a well and discovered a rock wall that crossed the county and at some places appeared above ground level,” wrote RockwallCountyTexas.com. “Scientists have determined that this is a natural formation, but folk tales continue to say that it was built by prehistoric natives. When the town of Rockwall was formed, it was named for the rock formation.”

This incredible historical event will be at the chamber, located at 697 I-30 in Rockwall and is free for chamber members. For more information or questions, visit https://rockwallchamber.org/events/details/bright-ideas-history-of-rockwall-138997?fbclid=IwAR29Xx_QSx-DIHvz-4yiLegW2MXULXQ2tkq4HIB59oUIdxwNUZ6jVDrvqRo


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