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Bomb Threat Bank Robber Strikes Rowlett

by Front Porch Rockwall



On Wednesday afternoon around 2:51 p.m., both Rowlett and Garland Police Departments were notified that the Bank of America in Rowlett was being robbed.

“A single suspect had entered the bank, claimed to have a bomb and demanded money,” reported a Rowlett Police Representative.

After leaving the bank, Police officers luckily found and arrested the suspect after a short pursuit. The individual was found in Richardson at Spring Hill Suites. The report additionally states that the individual in question tried to run on foot after being found, but was quickly apprehended by the police.

“Cash from the robbery was recovered, but due to the possibility of a bomb being involved, Garland Police Bomb specialists responded to the arrest scene to make sure that the bag containing the money and the suspects’ vehicle were safe to approach,” finished the representative. 

The police report shows that no one was harmed in the bank robbery. 


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