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Rowlett Man Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Possibility of Parole in Murder For Hire Plot

by Front Porch Rockwall


Laura Grillo Photo Courtesy of Rowlett Police Department


From Rowlett Police Department:


That was the going rate for three, evil men to rob this world of Laura Grillo.

Mother. Sister. Friend. A selfless woman who went above and beyond to help those around her and serve her community to the best of her abilities.

Today, the last of those responsible for Laura’s murder was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility parole, a fate her former fiancé is facing thanks to a guilty conviction late last year. Today, everyone involved gets closure, though it is not without pain.

Laura, just know countless hours and sleepless nights from our finest officers and detectives went into making sure all were held accountable. They were not going to get away with it. From Officer Freeman being the first through the door that fateful day, to lead Detective Sawyer being the last one of us off the stand at the trial, we were going to make sure of it.

We don’t feel the three men that saw Laura as nothing more than a nuisance or a quick buck deserve their names being remembered. Their actions robbed Laura’s loved ones of a lifetime of fantastic memories and unforgettable moments… so it is only just they spend a lifetime locked away so they can spread evil no longer.

On behalf of the Rowlett Police Department, thank you Laura, we still miss you. Allow us to help you this time as we honor your memory. God speed.


In 2018 Dallas County jury found Ioannis “John” Makris, 40, of Rowlett, guilty of capital murder and sentenced to him to life in prison without the chance of parole for the murder of his fiancée Laura Grillo, 37, of Rowlett.

At about noon on Nov. 13, 2015, Rowlett Police officers were called to a resident at 8213 Americas Cup in Rowlett to investigate the murder of Grillo, who was shot to death in her home.

Rowlett PD’s investigation led to the arrests of Makris, as well as Jesus Emmanuel Trevino and James Villeda, both 32. All three were charged with first degree.

Makris and Grillo were only a week away from their wedding at the time of the murder. The mother of three was found dead in her home by a neighbor after she didn’t pick up her children from school.

The investigation uncovered that Makris hired Trevino to murder Grillo for money and Villeda to drive Trevino to the house for the murder.

Trevino and Villeda are both convicted sex offenders, according to court records.

Trevino and Villeda worked for Makris at his home remodeling business. Prior to Nov. 13, the two men lived in the same neighborhood in Dallas. According to police, the men would often ride to work together.

Grillo and Makris were both volunteers at the police station. They have a 5-year- old daughter together.




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