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Rowlett PD Warns of Drunk Driving After Incident Involving Police Vehicle

by Front Porch Rockwall



From Rowlett Police Department:

OK… this time a little louder for those in the back.

QUIT HITTING OUR SQUAD CARS WITH YOUR CAR WHILE DRUNK DRIVING (driving at all really) ON THE HIGHWAY (or any road, alley, parking lot, or field)!!!!!!!

After the first incident that never should have happened, we teamed up with our brothers at the Fire Department who sent TWO fire engines with us last night to a vehicle accident on I30. Two big fire engines with all those fancy lights and being all huge should be more than enough to make sure our cars and people are safe, right? After the mostly postive responses from last post, everyone is going to be adults and responsible and not drink and drive, right? It can’t happen again in the same month, right?

Last night’s fine citizen was like “hold my beer”, barely swerved at the last second to miss the HUGE FIRE ENGINE and overcorrected his steering, slamming into the thankfully unoccupied squad car, and pushed it into the second engine. I knew I was going to get internet trolls talking about hitting more squads after my last post, but this is ridiculous ya’ll

None of the first responders were injured and the suspected drunk driver is in custody for DWI. The higher the frequency of these events, the less likely I will be able to report ‘no injuries’. If personal health and safety isn’t enough of a motivator for you to do the right thing, just know if you keep wrecking our cars, our Chief is going to take them all away, and give us all bicycles. Summer is coming and I really don’t want to be patrolling in the Texas summer on a bicycle…….

It’s hard enough to navigate life as it is, but we are all better than this. There are no excuses for completely avoidable incidents such as this. Find yourself or your friends that sober ride.

Be smart, be safe, and look out for each other.






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