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New Utility and Solid Waste Collection Rates in Rockwall

by Front Porch Rockwall



Rockwall residents will soon see a change in their rates for water, sewer and garbage collection. The residential water rates are set to increase by 2% in the City of Rockwall. That means the average user will pay less than $1.00 more on their monthly bill. The City was able to contain costs and keep the increase lower than previously anticipated. The new rate reflects the increases in the cost of treated water the City purchases from its supplier, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD).

The base charge for wastewater will increase by $4.10 each month, and usage rates will go up a little with more consumption. It’s important to note that residents’ wastewater rates are calculated based on an average of the household’s winter water usage, when people typically use less water. The NTMWD also operates wastewater treatment facilities for the City of Rockwall. Reasons for the rise include replacing aging infrastructure, and addressing new unfunded federal regulations implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There will also be an increase in the cost for garbage collection for Rockwall residents. Solid waste collection rates will go up $1.23 for all residential customers, and 3% for commercial customers. The new rates will be reflected in the monthly utility bills that go out starting February 11.




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