Corporal and Nurse Recognized with Life Saving Awards for Response to Emergency Involving Child in Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office Lobby

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Corporal Donaldson and Nurse Lloyd were recognized by Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson and the Rockwall County Commissioners Court with Life Saving Awards recently.

On August 30th, a civilian ran into the lobby carrying a baby over his shoulder needing help. At that, time Corporal Donaldson and Officer Baer received phone calls stating there was a medical emergency in the lobby. Medical emergency was announced and Corporal Donaldson, Nurse Lloyd and other personnel ran out to assist. Nurse Lloyd started conducting the Heimlich on the baby. When the object could not be dislodged, Nurse Lloyd started giving chest compressions and instructed Corporal Donaldson to give two breaths. After the second breath was administered, the child began to breathe on his own. Approximately two minutes later Rockwall County EMS arrived and transported the baby to Children’s Hospital in Dallas. The Sheriff’s Office reached out to the family friend who informed us that the baby was in stable condition and no further signs of injury existed at that time.

Information Courtesy Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office