Parking at The Harbor for Concert by the Lake

by Front Porch Rockwall 0




If parking is a challenge at The Harbor, you can use the FREE parking garage in the TrendHR building. Most notably, there is no on-grass parking anywhere at The Harbor. Overflow parking is in the FREE parking garage in the TRENDHR building at the top of Summer Lee Drive.
Attached is a map showing available parking. It is recommended that people park at or around 6:30 pm at the latest if you need to park closer to the venue. By 7:30pm, it is expected that both public lots and most of the street side parking will be occupied. Once those options are full, drivers should head to the top of the hill and park in the FREE parking garage in the TrendHR building.
There will be some Parks & Recreation staff working the parking lots to help guide people up to the parking garage. The parking garage is free and has two entrances, one on the north side from I-30 and 1 on the south side off of Summer Lee Drive.




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